My Home Tour - Part 1

So excited to finally share my home with you all - its not perfect (bc lets face it, I will always have a project here somewhere) but I hope you enjoy visiting!

I can still remember when we toured this house for the first time - it was HIDEOUS! Really, it looked like a bad Vegas hotel...the kitchen had bright aqua walls, a white chaise lounge, and the busiest backsplash you have ever seen. And that was just the kitchen...there were other stellar choices like black and gold velvet wallpaper and an orange alligator skin vanity to be found but we loved the space and we knew for Capitol Hill, we weren't going to find anything else this size. So we put in our offer with more than a bit of hesitation and ultimately landed the Vegas pad.

Before we even moved in, we repainted the entire house and while we planned to make other changes, it was easy to ignore things like that crazy backsplash when you're both working long hours and never home. Fast forward to 2015, when I left CEB to run my business full time and spend more time with our son, Hans, (read between the lines here that this also equates staring at my house far too much and realizing all those changes we never made had to be made NOW). But then my husband lost his job, so clearly house renovations were not going to happen. Fortunately we recovered and by 2016 we were able to start on the house again.

We began by replacing the brown granite and busy backsplash with white quartz marbled with a soft grey- the change was dramatic but then we decided to move (okay so we freaked out that our son didn't get into DC preschool and decided to surrender to the suburbs), only to pull the for sale sign out of the yard the night they put it in and cancel the open house. We realized we have years to get this school plan down and frankly, we weren't ready to leave this house (or maybe it was really this kitchen) quite yet.

And this is when the real progress began! I had always hated our very loud and very random tortoise shell cabinets (again Vegas pad) but I was not willing to spend the $6000 to have someone paint the cabinets for me when I was not convinced it would even work on this odd surface material, so I went to the local hardware store to chat and they said I was crazy to do this solo. But I knew that:) I attacked those cabinets for an entire week and it was miserable - really really miserable on me and the entire family but the end result was more than I could have imagined! I also spray painted my hardware gold - ultimately I want to replace this with brass but with 40+ cabinets, I chose not to spend my dollars here...yet!

I then took this corner of the kitchen and added a banquette seat accented with a white tulip table, antique hide chairs, and various mudcloth and kilim pillows. While we use this space daily for breakfast and dinner as a family of three, we've found entertaining our good friends is a nice change from the dining room - so cozy for great talks while we let the kids play behind us. I struggled a bit with the artwork here - nothing felt like a great fit to me until I decided to create a small gallery wall of candid pictures of us eating our favorite foods with Hans (note these are ice cream, cupcakes, popcorn, and a milk shake...). I then added a lucite picture shelf which we use to keep books, party invites, and baby announcements.

My next big project was the dual facing fireplace - I truly wish I had before and after pictures for you because this fireplace was another stunning example of great design choices - a terrible navy/grey tile that maybe could work as a floor in a utility room but definitely not as the ten foot center point of a home! I attacked this like I did the cabinets and it some ways it was less miserable but not really. I added the crown molding on the top and finished the base with quarter round because this navy tile beauty was not even finished properly. I then added walnut mantels on each side and styled the hearth to bring some warmth to the space. We truly don't use this much but on cold nights it does come in handy.

Up next was the dining room - I had purchased this farmhouse table when we bought the house but I had made the odd choice of painting the walls navy. Once I attacked the cabinets and the fireplace with paint, painting a room and window trim seemed easy (seemed is the key word...I have such an appreciation for painters and in part 2 you will see that I stopped painting myself after this room as I had just had enough!). While I was tempted to paint this room white, it seemed more appropriate to carry the Revere Pewter throughout the entire main floor so I went with that and then painted the window frames black to match those in the living room.

Pinterest is a great tool and I use it almost daily but sometimes it really messes with your head. I found a picture of antique brass chairs paired with a farmhouse table and I had to have them. I searched for weeks and found nothing in my price range or even remotely close to what I could afford to spend. And then right before my eyes in Catonsville, MD I found these vintage Milo Baughman beauties. With these in place, I accented the space with a vintage rug, mid century chandelier, and vintage mirror sconces. While we love the space, we seem to rarely entertain here. I need to change that!

With the kitchen and dining rooms complete, I moved my attention to the living room. When we moved in I had added the grasscloth wallpaper accent wall but it never really had the spotlight. To change that, I added this stunning mirror from Anthropologie - love love love it! I wanted to keep the tones warm but minimal so I selected navy arm chairs and kept our current Room and Board sofa accented with indigo mudcloth and kilim pillows.

There are many vintage finds in this space from the bamboo cane chair I found for $25 and the long board coffee table but my favorite is definitely the art deco console table and I'll tell you why....its toy storage! Styled with a painting I got in Paris, a family antique lamp, and a picture of our son - you would never know its stuffed full (and I mean FULL) of trains and cars.

Last by not least is our entry way. We exit through the back and I always hated it because where do you put everything when you exit from the dining room?! When we were looking at move, one thing I had to have in a suburban house was an entryway but when we decided to stay put, I moved our entry point to the basement back door - which offered the perfect space for a bench and hooks. This is definitely my most practical love in the house!

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour into our space - stay turned for part 2 next week and more changes down the road!




Living Room: Sofa (@roomandboard), Everett Chairs (@westelm), Mirror (@anthropologie), Pillows (@etsy), Side Table (@westelm), Standing Lamp (@target), Marble Lamp (@homegoods), Bamboo Chair/Coffee Table/Console/Green Lamp - antiques), Gold/Marble Side Table (@target), Rug (@rugsusa), Curtains (@westelm), Accessories (@homegoods), Basket (@target).

Kitchen: Bar Stools (@westelm), Accessories (@homegoods, @handmhome), Paint (@benjaminmoore @ebony), Vintage Rug (@esty), Cowhide Chairs in Banquette - antiques, Banquette Pillows (@etsy, @handmhome).

Dining Room: Table (@arhaus), Chairs - antiques, Glass Vases (@homegoods), VIntage Rug (@etsy), Glass Table- antique, Mirror Sconces - antiques, Leather Mirrors (@westelm).

Entry Way: Bench (@overstock), Hooks (@cb2), Pillow (@etsy), Rug - antique, Basket (@target).

Amazing Pictures by @laurenlouisephotography - thank you thank you!

#Rowhome #midcentury #DanishModern #kitchen #Mudcoth #Vintage

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