Vintage Rug Love - Insiders Guide To Scoring One Online

It's no secret I have a real passion for sourcing vintage rugs - one can be found in every room of my house and they are my first choice for clients. Not only do they add the perfect pop of pattern, color, and warmth to a space but they’re also incredibly durable and easy to clean- making them ideal for pets, kids, and high traffic areas in your home. And did I mention they are ONE of a kind!

While I find vintage rugs all over- in person and online. There’s not a secret formula or one single go-to resource that proves to be lucky every single time. I check a variety of places prior to purchasing the best option. That said, I have included simple tips and tricks to finding these online for those that want to jump in on this trend (as well as a roundup of my top favorite options on the market right now).

1) My top online source: Etsy!

There are 100's of direct vendors for which you can easily get lost in 1000's of options. Be sure to click 'vintage' and use search terms such as Blue Oushak Rug (I always start my search with the main color I have in mind versus filtering by color but its a personal choice) - then filter by price (given the unique size of each rug searching by size won't be much help but price will help narrow things down).

2) Know the color will absolutely NOT be exact

I've purchased so many at this point that I have built an automatic translation of sorts for how the color pictures online will actually look in person. And I will tell you that will never be exact! If that freaks you out then maybe a vintage rug isn't for you. or work with a designer that has experience sourcing.

3) Measure in your space

Vintage rugs are not offered in your classic US 8 x 10 and each one will be slightly different so its important to measure possible rugs in your space.

4) If you can't afford the size you need - layer!

The price jumps significantly for large rugs (anything approximately 8 x 10 and larger) but you can easily find 5 x 8 ish options to layer with a jute rug. And runners are always a great and affordable choice!

5) Love that it won't be perfect

It's probably 100 years old and that's exactly why you are buying it. Love the imperfections and the soul they add to your space.

My Favorites on the Market right now

1) Orange Persian Rug

2) Vintage Tabriz Carpet

3) Vintage Blue Anatolian

4) Turkish Runner

5) Pastel Oushak

6) Small Oushak

Happy hunting!


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